July 2016

More Than Words
Susan Wiggs, Sharon Sala, Emilie Richards

Stories Of Courage: Homecoming Season*The Yellow Ribbon * Hanging By A Thread

March 2008
336 pages
ISBN: 0373836236

Somewhere, at this very moment, a woman's caring and commitment is changing a life in her community... and changing the world. Three of these exceptional women have been selected as recipients of Harlequin's More Than Words award. And three bestselling authors have kindly offered their creativity to write original short stories inspired by these real-life heroines.

We hope these stories of courage will touch your heart and inspire the heroine living inside you.

Also by Susan Wiggs:

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Summer at Willow Lake, October 2016
Family Tree, August 2016
The Beekeeper\'s Ball, June 2016
Starlight on Willow Lake, March 2016
Starlight on Willow Lake, September 2015
The Maiden of Ireland, September 2014
The Beekeeper's Ball, July 2014
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Candlelight Christmas, November 2013
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Return To Willow Lake, March 2013
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Home Before Dark, September 2011
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The Goodbye Quilt, April 2011
How I Planned Your Wedding, February 2011
Marrying Daisy Bellamy, February 2011
Summer By The Sea, May 2010
The Ocean Between Us, May 2010
The Summer Hideaway, March 2010
At The Queen's Summons, October 2009
Lakeshore Christmas, October 2009
At The King's Command, August 2009
Just Breathe, May 2009
Because I Love Her, April 2009
Fireside, February 2009
Just Breathe, September 2008
Summer By The Sea, August 2008
That Summer Place, July 2008
Passing Through Paradise, July 2008
The You I Never Knew, July 2008
The Horsemaster's Daughter, June 2008
The Charm School, May 2008
More Than Words, March 2008
Snowfall At Willow Lake, February 2008
Dockside, August 2007
The Winter Lodge, February 2007
More Than Words, October 2006
Summer At Willow Lake, August 2006
Table for Five, April 2006
Lakeside Cottage, August 2005
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Table for Five, April 2005
Summer By The Sea, July 2004
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That Summer Place, August 1998

Also by Sharon Sala:

Dark Hearts, April 2016
You and Only You, March 2016
Cold Hearts, September 2015
I'll Stand By You, June 2015
Count Your Blessings, May 2015
Wild Hearts, March 2015
Going Gone, October 2014
Going Twice, February 2014
The Curl Up And Dye, February 2014
Going Once, October 2013
Lunatic Times Two, September 2013
A Thousand Lies, July 2013
'Til Death, March 2013
Windwalker, October 2012
Lunatic Revenge, October 2012
Don't Cry For Me, October 2012
The Boarding House, June 2012
Next of Kin, February 2012
A Field Of Poppies, February 2012
Lunatic Detective, November 2011
Blood Trails, October 2011
My Lunatic Life, September 2011
Blood Ties, June 2011
Blood Stains, February 2011
Deadlier Than The Male, November 2010
Swept Aside, August 2010
Torn Apart, July 2010
Blown Away, June 2010
The Return, October 2009
The Warrior, April 2009
A Mother's Heart, April 2009
The Way To Yesterday, November 2008
Bad Penny, November 2008
Aftershock, October 2008
The Healer, April 2008
More Than Words, March 2008
Cut Throat, November 2007
Homecoming, May 2007
Rider on Fire and when You Call My Name, May 2007
Nine Lives, November 2006
Missing, May 2006
Snowfall, May 2006
Out of the Dark, May 2006
Dark Water, May 2006
The Chosen, November 2005
More Than Words Can Say: Volume 2, October 2005
Rider on Fire, September 2005
Whippoorwill, July 2004
Remember Me, October 2003
Butterfly, September 2003
Sweet Baby, September 2003
Chance McCall, July 2003
On the Edge, July 2003
Deep in the Heart, December 2002
Lucky, July 2002
Reunion at Mossy Creek, July 2002
Queen, May 2002
Diamond, December 2001
Believe, October 2001
Finders Keepers, June 1997
Shades Of A Desperado, December 1996
Second Chances, October 1996
When You Call My Name, December 1995
Miracle Man, June 1995

Also by Emilie Richards:

When We Were Sisters, June 2016
When We Were Sisters, June 2016
Somewhere Between Luck and Trust, May 2016
The Color Of Light, August 2015
No River Too Wide, July 2014
Somewhere Between Luck And Trust, June 2013
One Mountain Away, August 2012
Sunset Bridge, July 2011
Iron Lace, September 2010
A Truth for a Truth, August 2010
Fortunate Harbor, July 2010
Happiness Key, June 2010
A Mother's Touch, May 2010
Happiness Key, July 2009
A Lie For A Lie, February 2009
Touching Stars, July 2008
Sister's Choice, July 2008
More Than Words, March 2008
Beware False Profits, November 2007
Touching Stars, July 2007
Lover's Knot, June 2007
Whiskey Island, May 2007
The Parting Glass, May 2007
Let There Be Suspects, December 2006
Lover's Knot, July 2006
Blessed is the Busybody, December 2005
Endless Chain, July 2005
Wedding Ring, July 2004

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