July 2016

Hot Spell
Shiloh Walker, Meljean Brook, Lora Leigh, Emma Holly

November 2005
400 pages
ISBN: 0425206157
Trade Size

Venture into a world beyond the ordinary, where the dark passions and voracious appetites of vampires, werewolves, demons, and a few undaunted mortals combine to unleash a potent spell...

Here are lovers to tempt the imagination: Eyes that glitter with keenness born of ancient knowledge. Hands that move with a tenderness belying superhuman strength. Inviting smiles that reveal exquisitely lethal fangs. Rippling, leonine muscles. There's danger in the air...and heat.

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Hot Spell, November 2005

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Guilty Pleasure, January 2010
Hot For The Holidays, October 2009
Heat Seeker, September 2009
Bengal's Heart, August 2009
Real Men Last All Night, July 2009
Nauti Intentions, April 2009
Maverick, March 2009
Coyote's Mate, February 2009
Only Pleasure, January 2009
Mercury's War, October 2008
The Magical Christmas Cat, October 2008
Wild Card, September 2008
Nauti Dreams, August 2008
Rescue Me, July 2008
Wicked Pleasure, May 2008
Killer Secrets, March 2008
Shifter, March 2008
Dawn's Awakening, February 2008
Beyond the Dark, December 2007
Nauti Nights, November 2007
Tanner's Scheme, August 2007
Hidden Agendas, July 2007
Forbidden Pleasure, May 2007
Nauti Boy, March 2007
Dangerous Games, February 2007
Real Men Do It Better, February 2007
Harmony's Way, December 2006
Hot Spell, November 2006
Megan's Mark, May 2006
Loving Lies, February 2006
Nauti Buoy, January 2006
Hot Spell, November 2005
Honk if You Love Real Men, June 2005
The Man Within, November 2004

Also by Emma Holly:

Three To Tango, May 2011
Angel at Dawn, January 2011
Devil At Midnight, November 2010
Saving Midnight, August 2009
Breaking Midnight, July 2009
Kissing Midnight, June 2009
Demon's Fire, April 2008
Beyond the Dark, December 2007
Fairyville, September 2007
All U Can Eat, May 2007
Demon's Delight, March 2007
Heat of the Night, January 2007
Prince of Ice, November 2006
Hot Spell, November 2006
Midnight Desire, August 2006
All U Can Eat, May 2006
Hot Spell, November 2005
Courting Midnight, October 2005
Personal Assets (Berkley Sensation), September 2005
Strange Attractions, October 2004
Hot Blooded, August 2004
Fantasy, April 2002

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