July 2016

Where Memories Lie
Deborah Crombie

From critically acclaimed, award-winning author Deborah Crombie comes a riveting story of a past evil that endures.

Gemma James & Duncan Kincaid #12
July 2010
Featuring: Gemma James; Duncan Kincaid
324 pages
ISBN: 0061986631
Trade Size (reprint)

A lifetime ago, Erika Rosenthal and her husband, David, fled to England to escape the Nazis—which is all Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Gemma James truly knows about her secretive friend's past. But Erika needs Gemma's help now. A family heirloom, stolen during their flight, is being sold at a prestigious London auction house. Who has had it all these years? And was Erika's husband's death more sinister than it appeared?

Hidden somewhere in the shadowy, exclusive world of London's monied society are answers to these questions, and to a shocking new murder—one that kicks the enquiries into high gear and brings Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid, Gemma's partner and colleague, into the case. Their investigation could exact justice for Erika, and lead them both to shocking revelations and repercussions that echo across the years.

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