July 2016

To Marry an Heiress
Lorraine Heath

Daughters of Fortune #2
September 2002
Featuring: Georgina Pierce; Earl of Huntingdon
384 pages
ISBN: 038081742X

A Most Convenient Marriage...

The breathtakingly handsome Earl of Huntingdon is determined to take a bride, and equally determined that his marriage to Miss Georgina Pierce will be a business arrangement only—after all, he has been wounded in love before. But there is unexpected passion in his innocent wife, and he soon begins to look forward to many days—and nights—with her…until he shockingly discovers that her promised fortune has been squandered. Though Georgina rightly protests that she knew nothing of it, Huntingdon is wounded to the core.

Spirited Georgina surprised herself by agreeing to marry the Earl—a man she’s just met. The proud nobleman proposes that she exchange her fortune for his title, but from the moment Georgina first waltzes across the ballroom floor in his arms, she realizes she can easily give this handsome, haunted lord her heart….

But first she must teach him that there is one thing far more important than money and position—and that is love.

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